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Dyno tuning is the ultimate method of ensuring your engine package is making optimum power and efficiency across the entire rev range.

The first step to Dyno Tuning is to determine from you the customer if the vehicle has any particular problems or points of concern, i.e: fuel consumption, surging, lack of power, hard starting (hot or cold), pinging, missing, etc. After discussing your concerns, we check the engine compression to determine if the engine is mechanically sound. At the same time, we make a visual inspection for obvious problems, such as broken vacuum lines, oil soaked, burned, or brittle plug wires, excessively dirty carburetor, etc.

We then determine the proper heat range of spark plug to be used in your particular application. For example, a ute that is used primarily for hauling a trailer or camper would need a colder spark plug than an empty truck that is used primarily for commuting.

Next, we place your vehicle on the dynamometer, with the driving wheels on the dyno rollers. Your vehicle is tested with the engine running, in gear, and under various speeds and load conditions. While we are running these tests we monitor the engine performance by comparing the horse power transmitted to the drive wheels in relation to the amount of engine vacuum. Simultaneously, our Wide-Band Air / Fuel Monitor will be monitoring the carburetion/fuel injection to check each circuit of thecarburetor / injectors. These circuits will then be changed to produce the maximum drivability and efficiency. When we are done, you will receive a detailed test sheet of your vehicles Dyno Tune-up specifications. We specialise in race car and custom applications for vehicles of all sizes.

We can tune for power and economy on a wide variety of vehicles. We have experience in tuning using HP tuners software for Holden LS1, LS2, LS3, L76, L98, L99 and LSX V8 engines including GM alloy TEC V6 and Ford XR6 turbo and 5.4l V8. We also tune microtech after market computers and others.