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1. How much does a dyno tune/session cost?
Dyno time is charged on an hourly basis, with the exception of baseline pulls/tests.
Anyone with the resources, can purchase a Dyno, but not every one is an experienced engineer that can tune, or understand the science behind proper tuning. Please call us anytime to obtain pricing.

2. How do I book an appointment?
You can call us on (02) 4647 4030, or write to us through the Contact link. Make sure that you have adequate fuel for the session. We carry high octane race fuel, if needed. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all fluids are in place, with proper levels, (engine and transmission oil, and engine coolant fluids). Bring any wheel lock keys, when locks are installed on wheels.

3. Can your facility tune Carbureted and Injected engines?
Yes, we can. In addition to tons of accolades, Hurstune is HP tuners certified. We also have successfully tuned hundreds of street, race and show vehicles.
In the South west area, many enthusiasts have had difficulty finding a facility that is comfortable with Weber, Holley, Solex, and Stromberg carbs. That challenge is now gone! We have had over a decade of experience with carburetor tuning. The only additional cost are in purchasing the required jets (and in the rare instance, pump jets, emulsion tubes and/or needle valves).

4. Which EFI systems can Hurstune tune?
Many, including, HP Tuners for late model commodores, falcons and Chryslers, Microtech and countless piggyback systems.

5. What is the power handling of your dyno?
Our newer and upgraded Dynodynamics digital dyno unit can handle power around the 1100 wheel hp range. The amount of horsepower extracted from your engine is determined by the parts you choose, the fuel you run, and the health of your engine. Our tuning concepts and experiences are from a cumulation of years of racing and precision tuning.

Hurstune has now made public its testing facility, and upgraded its tuning equipment to handle high horsepower applications. Using the “state of the art” upgraded Dynodynamics digital dyno customers now have access to precise tuning tools that they need and deserve.

This Dyno offers all the advantages of an engine dyno, with the additional benefit of the engine sitting in its natural environment: the engine bay. This is a key advantage for engines equipped with individual throttle body style intakes, where engine bay harmonics can play a role in intake pulsation and tune. Finally, in addition to tuning fuel injection equipped vehicles, Hurstune has the facility that can also precisely tune Weber and Stromberg carburetor applications!